Fred Caterson Bush Care Group

CHEN is offering the chance to be a part of a Bush Care Group at the Fred Caterson Reserve in Castle Hill.

This group aims to provide bush regeneration services to the Cattai creek and its surrounding bush land. This may include some days focused on tree planting and weed removal, while other days may be focused on providing citizen science data to numerous organizations. One example of this is using the FrogID app to collect data on the frog species in the area and submitting it to the Australian Museum for research.

Not only do we want to provide bush land recovery assistance, we also want to connect as a community by doing fun, creative activities together.

Some examples include:

  • BBQ’s
  • Bush Walks with Detective Trails
  • Yoga in Nature
  • Tree planting
  • Painting
  • Bird Spotting
  • Frog ID
  • Tea Leaf Making

The possibilities are endless!

Of course during COVID19 we cannot begin meeting up for these Bush care activities just yet but in the mean time we would love to know who would want to be involved once isolation is lifted!

If you would like to receive more information about joining a Bush Care group at the Fred Caterson Reserve in the near future, please email

If you would like to join another Bush care group in a different area, click this link to find more existing groups near you!

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