Cut One Third of Your Waste by Doing this ONE Thing…

Cut One Third of Your Waste by Doing this ONE Thing…

There is a lot of talk nowadays about how we can better manage our waste more responsibly whether that is concerning single-use plastics, recycling or composting our waste.

It is talked about more undoubtedly due to the severe impact waste ending up in landfill has on our environment, specifically the significant amount of green house gas emissions landfill sites produce.

Not only that, but the population in Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world is rapidly increasing, with a global population estimate of 9 billion by 2050. When the population increases, so does our waste.

Finding where we can individually make small but meaningful changes in our day-to-day lives can make a big difference, especially if we help and educate one another.

In the Hills District, there is concern about the amount of waste we are contributing to landfill. The Resilient Sydney Report by The Hills Shire Council using data collected from 2016/17 found that The Hills Shire were contributing more residual and green waste per capital then the NSW average. To be more specific, residents within the Hills District generate 17% more residual waste per capital and 28% more green waste.

Weekly Household Waste Production

How Can We Reduce Our Waste Going to Landfill?

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