Landcarer – A New Way To Connect

The free digital platform, Landcarer is designed specifically for the Landcare community. It’s a single-stop shop for all your needs as an individual or group in the Landcare space. It’s a social tool, that allows Landcarers from all across Australia to interact, share experience, knowledge, and collaborate, but it is also much more than that.

Landcarer also provides a number of tools to help assist Landcare groups with their project management, data tracking, membership management, and storage. It even has learning tools for training members and documenting procedures.

Landcarer also offers a whole suite of useful tools for people in the Landcare community. Here are just a few of the broad suite of functionalities and tools that CHEN uses on the platform:

Stories, webinars, membership management, document storage, and more!

So why does CHEN use Landcarer and why should you?

First, it has a whole suite of tools designed specifically for people like you and me. With all the different functionalities it offers, it helps us better coordinate and runs our Landcare organization.

Secondly, it’s a pure and helpful feed of Landcare-related information, from farming techniques to upcoming environmental grants. On Landcarer you won’t be bogged down by the noise. Rather, you will be immersed in the exchange of knowledge among Landcarers from all across Australia and the world!

Thirdly, it facilitates networking in Landcare as no other platform does. There are a lot of groups on Facebook for specific Landcare groups. It is great for intra communications. But what you won’t get on Facebook is the inter-group engagement. Landcarer provides this. It provides a feed that we can all engage in specific to the interests of the Landcare community.

Simply put, Landcarer  is an extension of my network, of the friends I’ve made in Landcare over the years, it’s my community……. online.

Want to connect and see what CHEN has been up to?

Check out our Landcarer profile here ==> Cattai Hills Environment Network » Landcarer


Create your own profile as our Project Officer has so you can learn, engage and connect with like-minded individuals, find projects near you that you are interested and learn from one another!