Conserving Wildlife Corridors in Glenorie Booklet

Cattai Hills Environment Network CHEN and the Biodiversity Conservation Trust have released a Booklet called ‘Conserving Wildlife Corridors in Glenorie’ which has now been published!

This booklet has interviews with 2 landholders in the Glenorie region and 1 woman, who is the founder of the Rural Hills Hornsby Koala Group.

They each talk about the preciousness of the bushland they own and provide insight to fellow landholders about why and how they are looking after it for generations to come.

Check the digital version out here! Conserving Wildlife Corridors in Glenorie Booklet

Physical copies are held at the Community Environment Centre (Currie Avenue, Annangrove) open on Thursdays and Saturdays 9 am – 4 pm.