CHEN acknowledges the biodiversity that exists in the Catchment, we are committed to ensuring there is appropriate management of land and we encourage conservation across the Catchment on private and public land.”

With the development and support of Landcare and other environmental community groups in each sub-catchment, we are encouraging conservation across the Cattai catchment. Some of things we are working on developing are:

  • Starting and continuing Landcare/Bushcare groups
  • Maintaining relationships with local conservation authorities
  • Promoting awareness across the catchment of koalas, platypus, wetlands and other threatened species and communities in the Catchment. 
  • Working with The Hills Shire council and councilors to increase their awareness of the conservation significance of the North Ward of the Shire
  • Continue working with the Annangrove community garden


Our Bushcare Groups

All about our Bushcare groups, upcoming days, site updates, nature finds….


On the third Sunday of every month we meet for landcare and to support current conservation projects at Blue Gum Reserve such as the Annangrove Primary School’s eco trail and the wonderful work occurring at Boongala Gardens. We welcome all new volunteers and new ideas for starting  projects to improve the health of Blue Gum Reserve and the creek. Live nearby? Go to school nearby? Come and join us!

Broadwater Landcare. Privately owned, and the largest freshwater wetland in the Sydney basin, not otherwise open to the public – the Broadwater is one of the Hills best kept secrets! In 2018 50 trees were planted at Broadwater by our Landcare group and Little Landcarers and we continue to remove weeds and care for the wetland. Contribute to Landcare in the Little Cattai Creek catchment and carry out bush regeneration on the Broadwater Wetland at out next event (TBC – contact us).

The Fred Caterson Landcare Group – This group aims to provide bush regeneration services to the reserve which is part of the Critically Endangered Sydney Turpentine Forest. This may include some days focused on tree planting and weed removal, while other days may be focused on providing citizen science data to numerous organizations. One example of this is working with Streamwatch to collect water quality data from the Cattai creek. 





Recent blog posts:

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