Land For Wildlife

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme
for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

What is Land for Wildlife?

Land for Wildlife is a program for landholders to connect to one another and learn how to better manage their property sustainably with the aim to provide habitat for native wildlife.

This is more important then ever, with fragmented bushland becoming more common due to development, leaving bush islands that are far away from each other and containing populations that are too small to sustain a viable population. Creating wildlife corridors is essential to their survival and ability to flourish. Landholders make up a vast majority of NSW land and so it gives landholders an opportunity to make a big difference in protecting Australia’s biodiversity.

The program is free and is not legally binding. Registration in this program will not change the status of your property. CHEN is the LFW Regional provider for the Hills Shire.

Regional coordination includes:

  • Site assessments
  • Advice on suggested management strategies and actions for the property
  • Support and encouragement for landholders to carry out nature conservation on their land

What does LFW do?

Your land will receive a free environmental property assessment which includes:

  • Individual consultations to determine the environmental sustainability of properties and to identify any management issues.
  • Site reports advising on how to manage environmental issues such as erosion, wildlife habitats and weed control.
  • Species lists identifying native and exotic plants that may be growing on the property
  • Advice on how to integrate wildlife conservation into the property’s usual farming/management practices.

Does my property qualify?

  • Your property needs to have half a hectare or larger of native bushland
  • Willingness to manage all or part of their property in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Own properties ranging from small bush blocks up to large farming and grazing opportunities

Benefits of joining LFW:

  • There is no cost and the title of the property is not affected
  • You get given a LFW sign to put on your property to show your commitment to wildlife
  • Registration gets you in touch with other like-minded landholders and you receive useful information and invitations to education programs and activities to learn more about how to improve your land for wildlife

How do I get started?

All you need to do to sign up is to fill out an expression of interest form below and email it to This will be reviewed and you will be contacted to take the next steps in the registration process.

Expression of Interest Form