Koalas in Hills

Koalas are incredibly unique species. 10 years after a fire that severely reduced their population in the Hills, they have returned! They are frequently being spotted by residents and CHEN is committed to protecting them. 



Hills-Hornsby Rural Koala Project 

The Hills-Hornsby Rural Koala Project is a local koala research, that is fully volunteer run, with the aim of gaining the knowledge required to protect local koalas. Our volunteers have been recording evidence of koalas, mapping them and educating landholders and the community about how they can improve koala habitat.

We set up cameras and audio recorders in areas where we have heard or think we have seen a koala. 

If you or someone you knows sees or hears a koala, please get in contact with us! Even if you aren’t sure, it never hurts to let us know so that we can confirm that. 

Regular updates and news are posted to our Facebook group here.

Semi-regular updates can be viewed on the website here  _____.