How To Report A Platypus Sighting?

Spot a Platypus?

If you spot a platypus in The Hills Shire, please report your sighting to Dr. Michelle Ryan by emailing

You can also report your sighting via these platforms:


Tips on How To Spot A Platypus

Tip 1: 

Platypus are very elusive creatures and are mainly active during the night, early morning, and late evening.

Tip 1: 

Platypuses are dark in color and are usually seen floating low along the surface of the water with the top of their head and back showing.  They can easily be mistaken for a water-rat, which is also under threat. The easiest way to distinguish between the two is their tail difference. The Water-rat will have a more narrow, thin tail, which, as we know, is very different to the paddle-like tail of a platypus.


Tip 2: 

Identifying ripples can help you distinguish if the animal is a platypus. In still or slow-moving water, you may see a circular pattern of ripples resulted from a platypus diving.

In faster-moving conditions, a platypus may be swimming against the current where it will leave an inverted V shape of ripples typically trailing behind. You may see this if the platypus is swimming in the water body or on the surface.


More detailed information about platypus spotting can be found here at the Australian Platypus Conservancy.