Half way – How are you going?

We are half way through this challenge,  thank you to everyone who has been posting and sharing their eco tips and behaviours. Here's a quick look at a few of things that will be in the eco bundle....
Reusable items such as this reusable, biodegradable cutlery set, helps reduce our need to buy plastic items and therefore reduce the likelihood of them ending up in our local waterways or oceans.
This item will be included in the Eco-Bundle! 
One of the Eco- Products that come in our Eco-bundle
Trendy Reusable Bag along with many other eco-gifts.
Post a photo or video of you helping your local environment onto our page! 

Love these Reusable Produce Bags to take with you to the supermarket.
Let’s make this the norm in society by choosing to use these rather then single-use plastic bags.
They come in our Eco-Bundle! 
A Stainless Steel Straw is included in our ECO-BUNDLE!
These are a great way to reduce your single-use plastic consumption.
So, for your chance to win, send us a photo of you doing something to help your local environment! 

Any questions, want to get more involved in CHEN? - Send us a message!

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