Day 13 of the 14 Day Cattai Challenge – Reduce Your Purchasing Habits

Today’s Eco Tip is about reducing our purchasing habits.

Clothing is a great example of an item that we purchase regularly, and it has been getting more regular as fast-fashion becomes more prone in our society. 

The production of clothing uses a lot of our natural resources such as land and water.

‘In fact, it takes on average 10,000 litres of water to cultivate just one kilogram of raw cotton , the material used in a third of textiles produced globally (and which represents 90 per cent of all natural fibers used).’ (Common Objective 2018)

To help reduce the amount of natural resources we are consuming globally, lets do our part!

Here are some ways you can help the environment regarding this issue:

  1. Only buy a piece of clothing if you really want it. Before you buy something, give it a week or two, and if you still want it, then get it, otherwise a lot of the time, we may just get over it.
  2. Use Second-hand clothing, either from relatives or try out your local Second hand store such as St Vincent’s or The Salvation Army
  3. Fix clothing rather then buying a new replacement
  4. Try out more sustainable textiles such as bamboo or hemp

You can find more information about the impact the clothing industry is having on our environment here:

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